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Trinity Community Development Inc


Trinity Community Development, Inc. seeks to improve the quality of life in its community by  assisting individuals in attaining their fullest development through economic and other  initiatives related to housing and home ownership, material assistance and support, worship,  job placement and retention, micro enterprise ventures and personal and spiritual support. 


Trinity Community Development Inc. (TCDI) provides economic, cultural, religious, social and  other activities that enhance the quality of life in the county of Calhoun, city of Battle Creek  and, in particular, the area included in Neighborhood Planning Council 3. Through initiatives  and partnerships related to job placement and retention, home ownership and housing  assistance, material assistance and support, worship, micro-enterprise ventures and personal  and spiritual support. TCDI seeks to assist persons in attaining their fullest development, and  may carry on such other activities that are in furtherance of and in support of the foregoing  purpose.

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